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How Can An Artificial Intelligence Create Art And Be Creative?

· Can computers make art and actually be creative… I think they can. However, I believe it’s the software developers

Artist Explains What It Means To Be Creative

· Do you know how people consider artist to be very creative people? Well, as an artist I can tell

The Only Art Appreciation Lesson You Will Ever Need

Everyone knows how to appreciate art, It’s not a hard thing to do. If You have ever tapped your food

Why Can’t I Make What I See In My Head?

· It’s been months since you haven’t make art because you couldn’t find inspiration, but out of nowhere you wake

The Truth About Inherited TALENT

You have been practicing and studying your art for countless hours, and you have been improving, but then it all

Formulas for a successful piece of ART

If you are a musician, you probably have heard that to make a hit song your song needs to repeat

Which Music Style is BEST?

There is a big group of people who believes that styles of music like hip hop or reggaeton shouldn’t be

How to deal with Writer’s Block?

Basically you are at the beginning of an art project and you don’t even know how to start or you

Is Art Subjective?

When people give their opinions on a piece of art, when people critic art. regardless of the critic being positive

Art & Expression: Are you doing it right?

People like to use art to express their feelings, to tell a story, to send a message. When you have