Why Can’t I Make What I See In My Head?

It’s been months since you haven’t make art because you couldn’t find inspiration, but out of nowhere you wake up one day with a clear vision of what you want to do in your head, you feel true divine inspiration. But when it comes the time to actually make the art you end up with something straight up lame compared to what you saw in your head. “how did this happen when it was so clear when I though abut it? I’ll tell you how.

There are 3 main reasons to why doing what is in your head is so hard. Let’s talk about the first one. When you create art you are being creative, being creative means to make something new. Now, do you remember the last time you tried to learn a new skill? I was pretty hard, learning new things is hard. So being creative is hard because you are creating new stuff. Being creative is actually harder than simply learning a new skill, because it’s as if you were creating the skill on the spot, and on top of that, in art you have to precent the skill you just created as if you were an expert at it already.

When you are learning let’s say a new language, every time you make an improvement you can show it off to your friends. But with art, people only care about the final product. You just wrote the song yesterday, but can not release it until you can play it as if you were an expert at it. But now think about this. When you are creating art and suddenly it get really hard, that might be an indicative that you are creating something new, which was your goal all along, you want to create something new. It’s hard because you are on the right track.

Let’s talk about the next reason Do you remember those times where you studied really hard to make a presentation for your classroom, but when it came the time to actually explain what you studied you couldn’t find the way explain it, it was clear for yourself, but it was hard to explain. Well, sadly this happens also happens with art.

When you see this beautiful picture in your head of a drawing you want to make it’s a lie, in reality you only see parts of the picture and your brain is filling up the gaps with stuff. And that’s for paintings and drawings but it the same for all arts.

If you are a musician you for sure have experienced this thing where you would play a song for yourself and is just awesome, but when you try playing in public is just terrible. And you would think that that happens because the audience makes you nervous, but that’s not true because it also happens when you try to record yourself, you become super aware of all the mistakes you are making, and it’s pretty sad. On first reason I gave you some hope telling you that getting stuck was and indicative that you where on the right track, but this one is just sad… and it get’s worst.

Let’s talk about the last reason let’s say that you visualize something in your head and it’s actually all clear, and your brain is not lying to you. Even then, you would fail.

Try to draw a perfect circle. You can’t, it’s really difficult. You know how a perfect circle looks like, but when you try to draw it, it actually takes a bunch of effort to make it look perfect and it is just a circle. That happens because when you visualized something in your head, it exist in the imagination realm and in order to manifest it on the real world you depend on real world things. In the case of a hand drawn circle, you depend on your hand, and you hand just a limb. You could say that this is only a problem for physical tangible types of arts, but it is a problem on any level. When you want to write a story, which is technically all intellectual, a story is not a tangible, even if you could picture the whole thing in your head, you still depend on vocabulary which is limited.

When you want to make a movie, it doesn’t matter how good of a writer you are, you still depend on your budget. You get the idea. The imagination realm is limitless, but the real world has limitations.

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